How Dating Has Changed & Evolved Since 1990

online datingHow Online Dating Has Changed

Online dating really kicked off in the 1990s, as computers became a popular household item and the internet was in it’s infancy. Ever since that point people have been searching for a way to get laid, and the form online dating has taken over the years as changed quite a bit. Today online dating has become so popular that almost every adult knows someone who has tried it. The downside of this popularity, however, is that there are a number of scam sites that make it hard to know what a legitimate dating website is. It’s not hard to get laid anymore using the internet, but scam sites are still a nuisance. Our society has changed a lot with the rise of online dating, and it represents just another version of our physical necessity to get laid.

History Of Online Dating

Online dating began in the early 1990s as the internet exploded and people began exploring. Even before onling dating websites existed there was classified ads in Craigslist or other classified ad websites that brought people together. There were chatrooms and forums for people to meet online and get to know each other a little bit before meeting up in person. After a few years of these classified advertisements getting more and more popular, in San Francisco there was an offline matching service that was a paid website to help people find singles and get laid. This trend continued to get stronger and stronger until in 1995 was created. is a paid subscription site that offered a unique personal profile function that allowed people to really express who they were on the internet. It was not long before this became a major industry, and it has stayed strong ever since.

Dating Websites

Just a couple of years after started, a number of different dating sites came into the industry. The next two were JDate and Lavalife, quickly followed by EHarmony and AshleyMadison. Each one of these sites claims to do something a little bit different. That’s the beauty of the industry today, because now pretty much anything you want you can find. For example, EHarmony is set up to help you find a long term relationship. They ask you a series of questions when you sign up that help them connect your personality to someone that matches up well with you. Gleeden and AshleyMadison on the other hand, focuses more on hooking you up with other people that want to cheat. It’s much more about getting laid, and that is basically the direction that the online dating site industry has taken. The more popular a site is, the more likely you will meet someone to get laid with.

Dating Websites Today

Today, dating websites number in the thousands, and are usually all inspired by the structure. A monthly subscription get’s you the time and space to make a profile and then receive recommendations for women or men to message and try to meet. There are some that focus more on dating, others more an activities, and some that only use facebook friends or friends of friends as potential date recommendations. There is of course Tinder and Grindr (the homosexual equivalent of Tinder) that use GPS to inform you of who is near to you. All you need to do is swipe YES to the people in your area, and then you will get the chance to message them. With all these options there is so much money and opportunity involved, especially if you want to cheat on your partner. Every legitimate site has strong security that keeps your information safe.

Dating Scam Sites

One of the downsides of the popularity of online dating sites is that there are now thousands of scam dating sites that model the structure and demand payment but never actually recommend anybody to you. These scam sites are sometimes built so well that they look and operate just like a legitimate dating website. Hundreds of people every week sign up for a monthly subscription to these dating sites, making scam sites a multi-million dollar industry. Though it is hard to know which sites are scams and which are not, consider looking into user reviews of the site before signing up, and that way you will avoid scam sites like You will not regret it. One of the ways to tell if you are dealing with a scam site is if they ask you to pay before you fill out any information on your profile. Another common scam site tactic is to wait months before recommending anybody, and then it turns out that the people you message never got back to you because they are not real people.

5 Ways To Keep Your Casual Relationship Hot!

casual relationshipStay Hot And Casual

So you met a lady online and now you want to take things to the next level? Or you’ve been seeing someone you met online for a while but the spice dying so you want some hot date ideas to keep the fire going? Or maybe you just want to keep having casual sex but you need some online dating advice to keep her interested. In any case, there are at least 5 ways that you can keep your casual relationship hot. We know that you don’t want to give the wrong impression and make her fall in love with you. That won’t happen as long as you are clear with what you want, and if want you want is to keep your relationship steamy then she will just have to agree. If she does not like some of these best date ideas then maybe it’s time to look for someone that is.

Online Dating Advice

The online world is full of opportunities, you just might need some online dating advice to find them out for yourself. One of the best places to start is in the chat forum, as you are getting to know each other more. These are two examples of things to do in a chat forum setting to get the attraction flowing and the inspiration going. Because you are in a casual relationship, and you want to keep it this way, having little activities to do online will help keep you separated for long enough in between getting laid in person. That way there is no need to worry about attachment issues. Besides, if you both want to stay in one night these are actually pretty hot date ideas.

1: Share Images

A great casual relationship trick is to send each other partially or fully nude pics of yourselves through the online chat rooms. Keeping a steamy impression of her in your mind will only help keep the relationship hot. All you need to do is sit back and let her send away. As long as you respond favourably to her images then things will get spicier by the minute.

2: Role Playing/Fiction Games

There are a number of fun role playing games you can do with your partner on chat rooms. One of the best ones is to each take a role and then describe a scene where you both have to act in it in the role you took. Depending on your imagination and how freaky you two can be together, role playing games are a fantastic way to get inspired by her brain and turned on by what she says she wants to do to you. It’s never a bad idea to run with role playing because when you meet up and have sex in person the next time it will feel a lot hotter because of the role playing sex you guys acted out before. It’s a great way to change it up. The same goes for sex in the bedroom – always be open to make your casual sex a bit more steamy.

4: Hot Date Ideas

When it comes to picking the best date ideas for the evening, it’s good to have a list of hot date ideas to fall back on if nothing else comes up. Some hot date ideas include going together to a salsa class, which will always get the blood flowing. Salsa is usually free for your first class, and it’s one of the sexiest dance forms on the planet. Since you guys are successfully having casual sex you should feel calm enough to get a little loose on the dancefloor. Another hot date idea is to take her to a karaoke bar that you love. Then you can swing love songs to each other and really get the mood going. Sounds pretty sexy already, right?

On this note, here‘s a casual relationship trick: don’t text her everyday no matter what! You have to keep appropriate distance from her so that she does not get attached. Also, texting every day would mean that you hear about all the sides of her that you might not like – or at least that you might not care about. Don’t let her get too much into your life either. If she is texting you a lot you should just ignore and move on with your day. It’s best to keep meetups to about once a week.

5: Don’t Introduce Her To Your Friends

If she starts hanging out with your friends, then you are in trouble. Keep the casual sex you are having a secret. It’s not going to stop if you know how to manage it, but chances are she will want to see more of you and meet your friends. Best to avoid that, especially online. The one piece of online dating advice that will really help is not to mention anybody else in your life while chatting on the forum. That way she only has you to fantasize about.

5 Acts Considered To Be Cheating

cheating acts sextingActs Like Cheating

Cheating Signs β€” Did He Just Check Her Out?

Sometimes if a person is jealous, they can think that every little thing implies that their partner is cheating. Even just a glance at another woman walking down the street means that he is having an affair to her. However, cheating signs aren’t always so simple. Sometimes a look is just a look, and at other times, it can mean a whole lot more. It also comes down to the difference of perceptions in different couples. What is cheating for some is not cheating for others, and sometimes a guy checking out another girl is enough to end a relationship. There are many signs that can indicate that someone is cheating, but there are just as many that can be misinterpreted as something else.

What Is Cheating? Where To Draw The Line

Cheating means different things to different people and different relationships, so drawing the line is not always a simple process. However, a general rule to be followed is that if it hurts one person in a relationship, then it could be considered cheating. This is particularly true when that something has been specifically outlined as inappropriate within the boundaries of the relationship. Some open relationships may not consider sex as cheating, but any type of emotional connection could be cheating. This means that the line for cheating needs to be drawn at an agreed upon point in any relationship so that it accommodates everyone involved. If you are feeling like he cheated, and you want to find out for sure, check out this article on how to use technology to catch a cheater.

Is He A Cheater Because He Watched Porn?

In most relationships, watching porn is not considered cheating. However for some, it could be seen as an act of betrayal. After all, it is watching or getting sexual stimulation from another source that is outside of the relationship. However, with these days of easy access to porn, it is becoming so much more common for people to see it on a daily basis. Most modern relationships won’t consider it cheating, but when it comes to live porn or cam sites, this view begins to change a bit. Many more relationships are uncomfortable with live cyber sex and would view that as much closer to the line of cheating.

Is Sexting Cheating Or Is It Like Watching Porn?

For most relationships, sexting goes a little bit further than watching porn because it involved the direct connection with another person. Sexting is a much more intimate act between two people, whereas watching porn is more of an intimate act involving one viewer. Even though the content of porn may be more graphic, it was made with the intent for many to consume. However sexting is more targeted towards flirting and arousal between two people directly connected online or over their phones, which can make it a more taboo act in a relationship if it is being done with someone else.

Is Flirting On The Same Grounds As Sleeping Around?

We all know that flirting is not the same as having sex, but how similar is it? In some sense it is the first step towards a sexual act, but how far can flirting go before it is clear that it would be leading somewhere. There is a difference between being nice and flirting, but when someone is clearly flirting with another, it can hurt others a lot as well. Flirting is harmless until it goes too far, but where too far is exactly is a little unclear. If you are still unsure about it, check out this article that explains more about what is considered cheating.

The First Date

gotta say the right thingFirst date etiquette

The First Date

So you met on a dating site and now you’re trying to figure out what to do for your first time out. There’s lots of fun things you can try. But first here are a few first date things that you should avoid.

Movies suck on the first date

Why are movies so crappy on the first date? Because you guys are supposed to be getting to know one another and get a feel for each other to see if you have any chemistry. If you do or don’t you’ll never know if the two of you are staring at screen the entire time. You want to do something interactive like talking over dinner and drinks, coffee, or something like that. What you really want to be doing is paying attention to what she likes to do. If she likes a certain band or a certain kind of music, going out to see someone live in that genre is great for a second date. Why not on the first one? Because you’re supposed to be getting to know one another! That’s the entire point of the first date. You and she get to see what kind of chemistry you have together.

First Date Etiquette

Don’t talk excessively about yourself

Unless you want to seem like a narcissist, don’t excessively talk about yourself. Be sure to engage her and ask questions. Listen to what she’s saying and steer the conversation away from her thoughts, making everything about you. There’s nothing more unattractive than someone going out of their way to impress someone else by not allowing them the chance to speak.

Shut up about your exes

What’s the worst topic of conversation for a first date? Your exes. This almost never goes well. Why? Because you want her associating positive feelings with you via your interaction with her, not dredging up shitty memories of some douchey ex who made her feel like crap or something. Another good reason to avoid talking about your exes is that it makes it seem as if you haven’t moved on. And what’s worse is that it probably seems that way because it is that way. There’s no faster way to ruin a first date than by talking about your exes.

Keep your options open

Don’t be overly attached to the idea that you two are going to be hooking up or going out on a second date. Sometimes the chemistry isn’t there and it’s no one’s fault, it’s just that the chemistry isn’t there. You can’t take it personally every time a first date doesn’t go anywhere. People don’t work out for any number of reasons. Maybe she’s coming off a bad relationship and she’s looking for a rebound thing. Then she realizes she isn’t ready and it never goes anywhere. Maybe you’re not ready and your hearts not really in the exchange. It’s not her fault you seem maudlin and distant. Why would it be your fault if that’s how she seems? Don’t be hard on yourself or blame yourself if it doesn’t work out.

Read her body language

Women have ways of letting you know that they’re interested in you. First dates usually begin very tensely and then over time if people are interested in one another they loosen up. That’s good chemistry. If that doesn’t happen then the chemistry is off for whatever reason, and you probably won’t end up on a second date with that girl. But be sure to pay special attention to her pupils. Dilated pupils indicate arousal (or intoxication). Unless she’s completed wasted or has a heroin problem you can safely say that if her pupils are dilated she’s having a good time.

Don’t be pushy

There’s no faster way to turn a girl off than by pushing her faster than she wants to go. Finesse is key. Feel her out. Ask her what she’s looking for out of a relationship.

What to do on the first date


Bowling is fun because you both get to be silly and have a good time throwing a ball down the lane. You can interact but you don’t have to focus all of your attention on one another. Afterward, ice cream, coffee, or drinks at the bar allow you to get to know one another better.

Dinner and Drinks

There’s a reason why this is a staple idea of first dates. It lets you two get to know one another and focus your attention on each other. You can even see a movie afterward as long as the two of you have some time to chat and feel each other out.

Hire A Private Detective To Find Out If He Cheated On You

did he cheat cluesFind Out If He Cheated

Cheating Clues Only A Private Eye Can Pick Up On

Although we may think that a private detective only exists in the movies, there are in fact private investigators available to help you find out if he cheated. Private detectives can pick up on cheating clues that the rest of us would tend to overlook. They are able to determine the truth amongst all of the lies, and separate fact from blind jealousy in order to figure out what is really going on. There are everyday clues and small indications that are invisible to the untrained eye, and a private detective is the one who is best equipped to help you find them. They are able to draw the implications from the name of the restaurant on a book of matches, or create clear conclusions from the changes in his schedule that will help you find the truth.

Before you hire a private investigator, make sure you read this article about common signs that indicate cheating.

Private Detective: Things Just Got Serious

If you are considering hiring a private detective, then you know that things have gotten serious. Hiring a private detective means investing good money into proving something that you are not quite sure of. A private investigator takes their job very seriously, and will go through extreme measures to complete the case, so you need to make sure that you are ready to commit to their findings and their fees to get it done. Hiring a private detective is no joke, so be serious about what you are getting into.

You Know He Cheated But Can’t Prove It

Sometimes we can be so sure about something, but we just don’t have the evidence to prove that it really happened. In these cases, it is one person’s word against another’s, and this is no true way of settling a dispute. If you are confident that he cheated on you, but don’t have any way of proving it, then hiring a private detective is the next best step. A private investigator will be able to find the evidence that is needed to solve the case, and will give you what you need to prove it.

Private Investigators β€” Helping You Find The Truth

It is the job of a private investigator to help you find the truth, and they will do whatever it takes to resolve that. They have a variety of skills and techniques that they can use to find the evidence that is needed to prove what is truly happening. They are impartial and unbiased, which means that they will tell you exactly what is happening as it can be proven. This could mean that they will tell you that nothing is happening if it is the truth, or they will tell you exactly what you had been suspecting the whole time, but had no evidence to prove what it was.

Dumping A Cheater Once And For All

Breaking up is never easy, but if you have the evidence you have been searching for, then dumping the cheater once and for all is the right next move. Using the hard evidence provided by a private investigator will give you the leverage you need to shut down the cheater in his tracks. It will also give you the sense of security and confidence in dumping the cheater as you can be absolutely sure about what has been happening behind your back. If you aren’t sure about dumping the cheater, check out this article on why breaking up is the right thing to do.

Caught Cheating? Now What?

cheating boyfriendAdvice for cheaters

I broke her heart and I remember feeling so bad for her. She had this idea in her head, this story that she told herself about her life, and who she was, and what her marriage was, and I ended up destroying all of that. It wasn’t so much that I had sex with another woman that bothered her the most. It was the idea that the entire narrative of her life was a lie. It shook her somewhere to her very core. And it wasn’t that I didn’t love her. I did love her. I loved her with all my heart. I still love her. I wish that there was something I could do to make it up to her. But the temptation was so great, and no matter how many times I tried to deny myself, I knew on a long enough time scale I will screw everything up again.

What to do if you got caught cheating

Here is some advice I can give you. If you’re caught cheating, just admit it. Don’t try to deny it. Don’t push off responsibility for it onto her or life or your relationship or your job. Take full responsibility for it. Be honest. She needs to know that you’re a cheater and you did it because you wanted to, and if she gave you another chance, you’d probably do it again. Not because you don’t love her, but because monogamous relationships do not make you happy. She may not like your explanation. She may never forgive you for what you did. But it has the advantage of sparing her the indignity of another lie, another false narrative she feels like an idiot for believing. Be a man. Take responsibility. Don’t make her hate herself. Fall on your sword. It was your fault. You did the wrong thing. If she needs to hate you, let her.

The truth is, monogamous relationships don’t work for everyone. Your wife might be someone who needs to comfort and predictability of a monogamous relationship. The problem is, if you’re being honest with yourself, you can’t give that to her. Nowadays, guys are going into counseling for sex addiction and whatnot all because they want to have sex outside their marriage. Their wives buy it because it’s a comfortable lie. My husband has a psychological disease which compels him to behave hurtfully, and maybe there’s some truth to that, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ve never been well suited to maintain a committed monogamous relationship with a single woman over a long period of time. If I could, I would still be with my wife.

But the best advice I can give cheaters out there is to not play that head game where you make them think they’re just being crazy and paranoid for being correct. You have no idea how unimaginably cruel that is.

Where to find casual encounters

After my divorce, things got better for both of us. She started dating again and she was happy. There are just as many men out there who prefer monogamous relationships as there are women. On the other hand, there are plenty of women who, like me, aren’t into the whole monogamy thing.

One of the cool things about this age of the internet is that it’s easy to find people who like yourself, enjoy having sex with multiple partners. Casual online dating has become a huge industry with millions of users all over the world coming together to find one another in a world where monogamous relationships don’t work for them.

Instead of stringing along some other poor woman who just wants to settle down with a husband and live out her life, you could be hooking up with beautiful women from your area and beyond for some kinky casual dating and no strings attached encounters. Some of us just don’t do well in monogamous relationships and it’s unfair for us to engage in them because not only do we hurt the people we care about but we deprive ourselves of what we want in the process.

Since our divorce things are amicable between my ex-wife and I. She respects the fact that I was honest with her and while she may not completely approve of my sexual lifestyle she understands that it makes me happy and that’s ok. We still split time with the kids and neither one of us wanted to run the other person through the ringer with divorce lawyers.

But you have to know who you are and what you want out of your relationships. Sadly, we both got hurt because I cheated.

5 Confessions Made By A Serial Cheater

Confessions Of A Cheater: I Didn’t Plan On Cheating

Most of the time, cheaters don’t plan on cheating. Many cheaters are in fact in love with their partner and feel extremely guilty about what has happened. Sometimes cheating just happens, and it wasn’t a premeditated betrayal of anything. Sometimes, when people are separated by distance or tempted by an opportunity that is too difficult to resist, cheating can happen regardless of how strong a relationship is. Particularly for guys, but women as well, sometimes the urge to be fulfilled is too great to overcome. It is in these situations that cheating happens, and even if they are in love, people can do something that they regret. It may not be in the plans, but once it happens, it can be a very difficult issue to deal with for everyone involved.

Serial Cheating: It Isn’t So Simple

Sometimes people who cheat, end up cheating over and over again. This is known as serial cheating, and while many people could paint this person as a bad soul, it isn’t quite as simple as that. People who serial cheat are not looking to hurt others, but fill something within themselves. This could be a lack of self confidence, a desire to be accepted by others, or even sex addiction of some type. When people cheat constantly, there is a greater issue than just unhappiness in a relationship at play. It requires a lot of digging to get to the bottom of it, and will likely never be overcome until it is fully understood.

serial cheater confessConfessions Of A Cheater

Just Because I Cheated Doesn’t Mean I Wasn’t In Love

Love and cheating are two different types of relationships. Just because someone cheated does not mean that they don’t love their partner, just as it does not necessarily mean that they love the person that they cheated with. It is possible for a person to love someone else, but still make a bad choice or decision that ends up hurting the other person. Love is a confusing thing, and sex is not always the perfect representation of what it truly means. We often use sex as the symbol for love, but sometimes it can mislead us away from the true meaning.

I Feel Guilty About What I Did

In our society, we consider cheating to be a bad thing, so this can cause a lot of guilt in anyone who does it. Typically guilt will be the very factor that makes a person break down and admit what they are doing, or act in such a way that they expose themselves. It is extremely common to feel guilty about cheating because there is always someone who is going to be hurt in the end.

I’ve Never Not Cheated

There is a saying that β€œOnce you are a cheater, you are always a cheater.” Although this may not be true for every cheater, it certainly holds some validity for others. Serial cheating happens over and over in every new relationship, regardless of the good times or the bad times. Some people are incapable of staying monogamous, and this does not mean they are bad people, however it does mean they may make bad life partners if they are not honest about how they act. For people like this, the best way to not cheat is to be honest about their tendency to stray away at times.

If this helps you understand cheating a little more and you want to learn why you should forgive your cheating husband or your cheating wife check out these links for more advice.