Confessions of a Serial Cheater: Love, Guilt, and the Complexity of Cheating

5 Confessions Made By A Serial Cheater

Discover the truth behind serial cheating and its impact on relationships. Understand the complexities of love, guilt, and the reasons behind cheating. Learn why forgiveness may be necessary. Check out our links for more advice.

Confessions Of A Cheater: I Didn't Plan On Cheating

Most of the time, cheaters don't plan on cheating. Many cheaters are in fact in love with their partner and feel extremely guilty about what has happened. Sometimes cheating just happens, and it wasn't a premeditated betrayal of anything. Sometimes, when people are separated by distance or tempted by an opportunity that is too difficult to resist, cheating can happen regardless of how strong a relationship is. Particularly for guys, but women as well, sometimes the urge to be fulfilled is too great to overcome. It is in these situations that cheating happens, and even if they are in love, people can do something that they regret. It may not be in the plans, but once it happens, it can be a very difficult issue to deal with for everyone involved.

Serial Cheating: It Isn't So Simple

Sometimes people who cheat, end up cheating over and over again. This is known as serial cheating, and while many people could paint this person as a bad soul, it isn't quite as simple as that. People who serial cheat are not looking to hurt others, but fill something within themselves. This could be a lack of self confidence, a desire to be accepted by others, or even sex addiction of some type. When people cheat constantly, there is a greater issue than just unhappiness in a relationship at play. It requires a lot of digging to get to the bottom of it, and will likely never be overcome until it is fully understood. Confessions of a Serial Cheater: Love, Guilt, and the Complexity of Cheating

Just Because I Cheated Doesn't Mean I Wasn't In Love

Love and cheating are two different types of relationships. Just because someone cheated does not mean that they don't love their partner, just as it does not necessarily mean that they love the person that they cheated with. It is possible for a person to love someone else, but still make a bad choice or decision that ends up hurting the other person. Love is a confusing thing, and sex is not always the perfect representation of what it truly means. We often use sex as the symbol for love, but sometimes it can mislead us away from the true meaning.

I Feel Guilty About What I Did

In our society, we consider cheating to be a bad thing, so this can cause a lot of guilt in anyone who does it. Typically guilt will be the very factor that makes a person break down and admit what they are doing, or act in such a way that they expose themselves. It is extremely common to feel guilty about cheating because there is always someone who is going to be hurt in the end.

I've Never Not Cheated

There is a saying that “Once you are a cheater, you are always a cheater.” Although this may not be true for every cheater, it certainly holds some validity for others. Serial cheating happens over and over in every new relationship, regardless of the good times or the bad times. Some people are incapable of staying monogamous, and this does not mean they are bad people, however it does mean they may make bad life partners if they are not honest about how they act. For people like this, the best way to not cheat is to be honest about their tendency to stray away at times. If this helps you understand cheating a little more and you want to learn why you should forgive your cheating husband or your cheating wife check out these links for more advice.