5 Ways To Keep Your Casual Relationship Hot!

5 Ways To Keep Your Casual Relationship Hot!

Discover 5 effective ways to keep your casual relationship hot and exciting. Get online dating advice and hot date ideas to spice up your relationship. Don't let her get too attached. Avoid introducing her to your friends.

5 Ways To Keep Your Casual Relationship Hot! So you met a lady online and now you want to take things to the next level? Or you've been seeing someone you met online for a while but the spice dying so you want some hot date ideas to keep the fire going? Or maybe you just want to keep having casual sex but you need some online dating advice to keep her interested. In any case, there are at least 5 ways that you can keep your casual relationship hot. We know that you don't want to give the wrong impression and make her fall in love with you. That won't happen as long as you are clear with what you want, and if want you want is to keep your relationship steamy then she will just have to agree. If she does not like some of these best date ideas then maybe it's time to look for someone that is.

Online Dating Advice

The online world is full of opportunities, you just might need some online dating advice to find them out for yourself. One of the best places to start is in the chat forum, as you are getting to know each other more. These are two examples of things to do in a chat forum setting to get the attraction flowing and the inspiration going. Because you are in a casual relationship, and you want to keep it this way, having little activities to do online will help keep you separated for long enough in between getting laid in person. That way there is no need to worry about attachment issues. Besides, if you both want to stay in one night these are actually pretty hot date ideas.

1: Share Images

A great casual relationship trick is to send each other partially or fully nude pics of yourselves through the online chat rooms. Keeping a steamy impression of her in your mind will only help keep the relationship hot. All you need to do is sit back and let her send away. As long as you respond favourably to her images then things will get spicier by the minute.

2: Role Playing/Fiction Games

There are a number of fun role playing games you can do with your partner on chat rooms. One of the best ones is to each take a role and then describe a scene where you both have to act in it in the role you took. Depending on your imagination and how freaky you two can be together, role playing games are a fantastic way to get inspired by her brain and turned on by what she says she wants to do to you. It's never a bad idea to run with role playing because when you meet up and have sex in person the next time it will feel a lot hotter because of the role playing sex you guys acted out before. It's a great way to change it up. The same goes for sex in the bedroom - always be open to make your casual sex a bit more steamy.

4: Hot Date Ideas

When it comes to picking the best date ideas for the evening, it's good to have a list of hot date ideas to fall back on if nothing else comes up. Some hot date ideas include going together to a salsa class, which will always get the blood flowing. Salsa is usually free for your first class, and it's one of the sexiest dance forms on the planet. Since you guys are successfully having casual sex you should feel calm enough to get a little loose on the dancefloor. Another hot date idea is to take her to a karaoke bar that you love. Then you can swing love songs to each other and really get the mood going. Sounds pretty sexy already, right? On this note, here's a casual relationship trick: don't text her everyday no matter what! You have to keep appropriate distance from her so that she does not get attached. Also, texting every day would mean that you hear about all the sides of her that you might not like - or at least that you might not care about. Don't let her get too much into your life either. If she is texting you a lot you should just ignore and move on with your day. It's best to keep meetups to about once a week.

5: Don't Introduce Her To Your Friends

If she starts hanging out with your friends, then you are in trouble. Keep the casual sex you are having a secret. It's not going to stop if you know how to manage it, but chances are she will want to see more of you and meet your friends. Best to avoid that, especially online. The one piece of online dating advice that will really help is not to mention anybody else in your life while chatting on the forum. That way she only has you to fantasize about.