The Evolution of Online Dating Since 1990

How Dating Has Changed & Evolved Since 1990

Discover how online dating has changed since 1990 and the rise of scam sites. Learn how to avoid scams and find legitimate dating websites. Explore the history and different types of dating websites today.

The Evolution of Online Dating Since 1990 Online dating really kicked off in the 1990s, as computers became a popular household item and the internet was in it's infancy. Ever since that point people have been searching for a way to get laid, and the form online dating has taken over the years as changed quite a bit. Today online dating has become so popular that almost every adult knows someone who has tried it. The downside of this popularity, however, is that there are a number of scam sites that make it hard to know what a legitimate dating website is. It's not hard to get laid anymore using the internet, but scam sites are still a nuisance. Our society has changed a lot with the rise of online dating, and it represents just another version of our physical necessity to get laid.

History Of Online Dating

Online dating began in the early 1990s as the internet exploded and people began exploring. Even before onling dating websites existed there was classified ads in Craigslist or other classified ad websites that brought people together. There were chatrooms and forums for people to meet online and get to know each other a little bit before meeting up in person. After a few years of these classified advertisements getting more and more popular, in San Francisco there was an offline matching service that was a paid website to help people find singles and get laid. This trend continued to get stronger and stronger until in 1995 was created. is a paid subscription site that offered a unique personal profile function that allowed people to really express who they were on the internet. It was not long before this became a major industry, and it has stayed strong ever since.

Dating Websites

Just a couple of years after started, a number of different dating sites came into the industry. The next two were JDate and Lavalife, quickly followed by EHarmony and AshleyMadison. Each one of these sites claims to do something a little bit different. That's the beauty of the industry today, because now pretty much anything you want you can find. For example, EHarmony is set up to help you find a long term relationship. They ask you a series of questions when you sign up that help them connect your personality to someone that matches up well with you. Gleeden and AshleyMadison on the other hand, focuses more on hooking you up with other people that want to cheat. It's much more about getting laid, and that is basically the direction that the online dating site industry has taken. The more popular a site is, the more likely you will meet someone to get laid with.

Dating Websites Today

Today, dating websites number in the thousands, and are usually all inspired by the structure. A monthly subscription get's you the time and space to make a profile and then receive recommendations for women or men to message and try to meet. There are some that focus more on dating, others more an activities, and some that only use facebook friends or friends of friends as potential date recommendations. There is of course Tinder and Grindr (the homosexual equivalent of Tinder) that use GPS to inform you of who is near to you. All you need to do is swipe YES to the people in your area, and then you will get the chance to message them. With all these options there is so much money and opportunity involved, especially if you want to cheat on your partner. Every legitimate site has strong security that keeps your information safe.

Dating Scam Sites

One of the downsides of the popularity of online dating sites is that there are now thousands of scam dating sites that model the structure and demand payment but never actually recommend anybody to you. These scam sites are sometimes built so well that they look and operate just like a legitimate dating website. Hundreds of people every week sign up for a monthly subscription to these dating sites, making scam sites a multi-million dollar industry. Though it is hard to know which sites are scams and which are not, consider looking into user reviews of the site before signing up, and that way you will avoid scam sites like You will not regret it. One of the ways to tell if you are dealing with a scam site is if they ask you to pay before you fill out any information on your profile. Another common scam site tactic is to wait months before recommending anybody, and then it turns out that the people you message never got back to you because they are not real people.